&Idea - movie scrobbler

I want to create a simple application. It awards you achievements for watching films. For instance, you might be awarded Trekkie for watching all the Star Trek films. Whether a film had been rated or not on iMDb.com or Netflix would dictate a film being seen. Easy enough; a prototype should take hours.

If only it were so simple. There is no API (application programming interface) for iMDb, so it is impossible to interact with any data stored on the site. It would be trivial to scrape the data that I want to use but their strict terms of use don’t allow it. Netflix actually have an API but they only return the last 20 ratings. You can get up to 500 of the users actual rented discs but that is insufficient.

Of course the biggest problem with all this is that the data that I want is mine; it’s just locked up. I can’t help dreaming of when open data, standards, source, and government become the norm. I did come across Freebase which gives me hope for the former.

Update: It has occured to me that the precise tool I long for is a scrobbler for movies similar to the Last.fm music scrobbler.

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